Marmion St, Cottesloe
Contractor - Tom Philips Landscapes
2017 - 2019
The clients had engaged Philip Stejskal Architects to design their dream home and myself to develop a landscape that compliment the open beach style living they’d envisaged.

They simply wanted to come home and feel like they were walking off the sand dunes into their home.

A naturally bonded gravel provides permeable driveway that presents as an extension of the beach.  Native coastal planting in the front has provided just that desired character whilst requiring zero maintenance.  Feature specimens of Eucalyptus  webstriana has not failed to attract many passing eyes with its unique and charming heart shaped leaves.

Internal courtyard called for verdant greenery to filter summer breeze through the passively cooled house.

The rear garden reveals the clients rustic pleasures of growing exotic fruit trees, vegetable and chickens, all mementos of the clients’ respective childhoods, and things they want to share with their children.

All three spaces are seamlessly linked with the use of Donnybrooks sandstones as steppers, walls and boulders.  This language allowed for a large area of cap rock exposed during site clearance to be integrated into the scheme and feature as though intended all along.

The result is an ethnobotanic garden!